Choosing the right air conditioning for you..

Choosing an air conditioner unit thats suitable for your home, office or shop can be a daunting task, but with the help from one of our friendly innovative technician's can match the perfect unit size for you. Our technician will will help you choose the correct size for your area, working with you to achieve the needs for your home or commercial premises. Upon acceptance of our quote, a day and time will be scheduled for our licensed technitian to carry out the install, paying extra attention to detail to make sure your air conditioning is installed to the highest of quality and taking into consideration the best positioning for your indoor and outdoor unit.


At Innovative we have a wide range of air conditioning units to suits all needs and budgets, talk to one of our experienced technicians today!

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For the tech savvy individual your air conditioning can be controlled by a flick of a button from any smart phone or smart device! by a simple easy to use app meaning you can be out and about and turn your aircon on ready for when you return home hows that for technology!. Ask our technician which air conditioning units can offer this. 


Commercial Air Conditioning

Our Innovative technicians can assist you with a commercial air conditioning fit out, we offer a wide range of units to suit any budget and a high quality application for all your light commercial needs.




As well as finding the right team to install your system, it’s important that they can provide the maintenance to repair it should the worst ever happen and the need arise. We suggest regular maintenance to all our customers and urge them to schedule appointments so that we can spot any issues in your system and attend to them before they grow and lead to bigger issues. We understand how difficult it can be when the AC stops working, we care about giving you the best possible service when you are most in need. Get in touch with us any time and chat to one of our technicians and see what we can offer you.